Sito Shades is a proudly independent Australian eyewear brand that emerged from the seasoned minds of the OTIS Eyewear team, a well-established presence in the eyewear industry with over two decades of experience.

Since its inception, Sito Shades has quickly earned a reputation as a brand that embodies fashion-forward styles, high quality, and affordability. But there’s much more to this eyewear brand than meets the eye.

As a B Corp certified company, Sito is deeply committed to sustainability and responsibility. Their approach to design is deeply considered, ensuring that they strike the perfect balance between style, purpose, and functionality in everything they create.

One of the standout features of Sito Shades is their dedication to sustainability. They take pride in crafting their sunglass frames from plant-based acetate, utilizing natural wood pulp and cotton seeds. This choice of materials underscores their commitment to preserving our planet. Each design is a testament to their uniqueness, offering a depth of color that surpasses synthetic plastics and infuses every piece with a touch of luxury.

Sito Shades Lifestyle Images (5)

But Sito Shades doesn’t just stop at aesthetics. Their acetate frames are thoughtfully paired with premium CR-39 lenses, providing top-notch UVA and UVB protection. This means that not only do their sunglasses look great, but they also provide exceptional quality and safeguard your eyes from harmful UV rays.

For Sito Shades, fashion should always be unexpectedly beautiful, never boring. They’ve traveled far and wide in search of inspiration and diversity, and this journey is reflected in their unique eyewear designs. Each pair has a soul of its own, telling a story of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and style.

As Sito Shades continues its journey, they’re making a positive impact with every pair of shades they create. So, when you choose Sito, you’re not just selecting stylish eyewear; you’re also embracing a sustainable and responsible way of looking good and feeling great.

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