Why Choose Brandscope?

We help you get to the next level, whatever that may be.

Brandscope is a smart, easy-to-use and effective global B2B e-commerce solution that empowers brands to collaborate more efficiently and sustainably with their retailers and agents to manage product sales, marketing and education.

We help you sell more, reduce your costs, expand your distribution and market your brand story in a way that is innovative and harmonious for your partners.

Brandscope is trusted by the industry because we are from the industry and offer real solutions to problems that hinder your progress.

Get to the Next Level

Brandscope Is Your Intuitive B2B Ordering Solution. Sell Smart, Sell Easy, Sell More.


Our relationship with our customers is real and authentic on a human and professional level. We employ people who live wholesale and understand the nuances of the industry. When we engage with our customers about business processes, industry issues and remedies we “speak their language”, resulting in real authenticity and understanding of their needs.


Our amassed industry knowledge, contributed by employees and customers, provides us with deep insights into the wholesale industry, with an eye towards the future. We collaborate with our wholesale partners and employ a progressive 360 degree mindset to develop and implement B2B technology that drives improvement and makes people’s lives easier.


We specialise in ‘human enabling technology’ that supports innovation for harmony and not disruption. Our focus is on empowering the relationship between the Supplier, Agent and Retailer to collaborate more efficiently within a physical and virtual world to sell more and reduce costs. We’re not replacing people but making them more efficient.


Our operations scope the world and our technology is designed to scale wholesale business operations in many countries no matter the language or currency. The system is trusted by suppliers and retailers globally as an effective and impactful sales and marketing digital platform due to it’s intuitive “easy to use” flow, growing international market aggregation and partner ERP integrations. Our solution is applicable to any business size and is the impetus for all levels of growth, be it local or global.


We have a strong social purpose – to be an inclusive, respectful and environmentally responsible company. We invest in career enhancing opportunities to create rewarding futures for our staff. We offer a more environmentally sustainable alternative by digitising and streamlining the resource hungry wholesale process to refine carbon footprints through reduced catalogue printing, reduced sampling and less burning of fossil fuels as sales teams adopt more virtual business practices. An opportunity to be greener yet more profitable.

Sell Smart, Sell Easy, Sell More.
A Truly Effective B2B Wholesale E-Commerce Platform
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Sell Smart, Sell Easy, Sell More .
A Truly Effective B2B Wholesale E-Commerce Platform
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