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Brandscope is a globally recognised B2B e-commerce platform with a proven capacity to deliver brands, agents and retailers a more economical, collaborative and sustainable way to conduct wholesale trade. You’ve been waiting for us your whole career.

The system supports over 500 brands and 30,000+ retailers working in over 90 countries around the world.

We are technology for harmony, not disruption and assist our partners to trade more efficiently and profitably and ultimately reach the next level of business, whatever that may be!

Our Vision

The world’s most intuitive and effective wholesale e-commerce B2B system

Our Mission

Engage intimately with the industry and leading technologies to develop and implement a B2B system that takes wholesalers to the next level

Our Values

Real: People and Experience
Expertise: Industry Leading and Forward-Thinking
Empowering: Industry Collaboration
Scale: Local and Global Growth “Level Up”
Sustainable: Caring and Responsible


The Concept

Founder, Simon Blockey, determined that “there had to be a better way” to do business in the wholesale industry with respect to being more economical and sustainable. The idea for the Brandscope software was born and started developing quickly.

Simon had worked for industry heavy-weights such as Billabong and Oakley in middle-management in product development, and also sales and marketing. He then worked as an agent “on the road”. Throughout his career he experienced first hand the inefficiencies that plagued the wholesale industry in suppliers, agents and retailers collaborating on a daily basis. Yes, you are seen… and understood.

B2B software systems were in their infancy at the time, were cumbersome and had limited industry support. Despite this, Simon was adamant that the answer to greater wholesale efficiency and sustainability was an aggregated, easy-to-use e-commerce B2B platform that everyone could engage, collaborate and trade on.

The Brandscope Team

Understanding the immensity of the opportunity and the acute need for specific IT and financial experience, Simon reached out to one of his closest university friends, Byran ‘Hec' Heenan to join the Brandscope venture and turn it into reality.

Hec‘s twenty years of experience in management, analysis, design and development of IT applications for major global clients such as Oracle, Telstar, NAB and Virgin was the perfect injection of large scale technology know-how.

The Magic Begins

Hec and Simon painstakingly reviewed the traditional sales brand/agent/retailer processes plaguing the wholesale industry and the associated inefficiencies that go with it.

Working step by step, they then wireframed the application to digitally mimic these processes. The developed BETA system was defined by an intuitive flow.

The aim was to drive more immediate, streamlined and fluid collaboration across sales/marketing/education processes that currently underpinned general wholesale trade between brands, agents and retailers. They knew it could be done bigger and better!

The beta site was soft launched into the Australian wholesale market place through Simon Blockey’s action sport agency and underwent a series of technical improvements in preparation for an official launch.

Later that year, Brandscope secured a Commercialisation Australia grant which meant they could actually develop a fully functioning commercial site.

We Go Live

Brandscope snagged an exclusive agreement to photograph and digitally launch a Summer campaign for Volcom Australasia to over 500 retailers and associated independent agents.

Seen as paving a “better way of doing business” for the Australian wholesale industry, people began to sit up and take notice of Brandscope off the back of consecutive successful Volcom releases.

Another Step Forward

The year began with O’Neill Australasia joining Brandscope, growing the retailer database to over 800 and cementing the platform into the Australian action sport and lifestyle fashion market.

Later that year, Brandscope secured a second round Commercialisation Australia grant, further proving the value of this big idea.

On A Roll

After a blockbuster year with a further ten wholesale suppliers joining the Brandscope ranks, amounting to over 1500 retail buyers and associated agents.

O’Neill Australasia launched the distributors sector on the Brandscope platform in Chile, Peru, Dubai, China, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Maldives, South Africa and New Caledonia.

Brandscope then secured an exclusive global B2B contract with surfboard and accessory brand, Firewire, and successfully launched into the US market

Hitting The Big Time

With Brandscope firmly entrenched in the action sport industry and armed with convincing proof of the strong economic gains of an aggregated B2B software, Brandscope caught the eye of Outdoor and Sport distributors, Phoenix Leisure Group and Amer Sports.

An exclusive contract was signed to launch outdoor and sport technical categories to over 2,000 retailers on Brandscope’s database.

Portugal-based surf products distributor Surfcloud Ltd was also signed, meaning Brandscope was introduced to retail buyers throughout Europe. Brandscope was now worldwide!

Settling Dust

Spurred on by the dramatic growth of a database of more than 15,000 retailers and 200 brands, Brandscope conducted a technical review and took on a complete system overhaul.

The aim was to shake things up and re-engineer the database and operational code in preparation for a big global push and dramatic increase in Brandscope users. The overhaul also saw integrations with global ERP heavyweights Microsoft, SAP, Netsuite, CIN7.

Europe Beckons

Brandscope signed a landmark UK/EU B2B contract with brand incubator, Hectic Group, who distribute Stance, Yeti, Puravida, Florence Marine, Sun Bum, Ciele, Deus Ex Machine and Florence Marine.

Russell Sporting Corporation (owned by NASDAQ listed Berkshire Hathaway) joined Brandscope and further endorsed the platform's reputation in the Australasian sports industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic also took control of the retail industry, restricting suppliers’ ability to do traditional trade such as physical store visits, which boosted the demand for the Brandscope platform and created a “new norm” for wholesale trade.

Brandscope launched comprehensive system updates to better manage the sophisticated distribution hierarchies of European brands.

Our Global Reach Keeps Extending

Brandscope opened an office in the UK tech hub of Bristol, to service a growing international supplier, agent and retailer client base.

In the same year, multi-brand distributor, Unify Brand Partnerships, signed an exclusive contract with Brandscope for the UK and Ireland, while Brandscope’s southern hemisphere connections continued to grow with tentative steps into the pharmacy and marine industries.

Brandscope launched an industry-first, automated digital media asset manager to assist a brand’s management of marketing assets for their retail partners, further changing the wholesale game forever.

From Strength to Strength

Iconic global fashion brand house PVH, who represent Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfieger, contracted their Australasian business to Brandscope, along with women’s footwear fashion house, Munro group - home of Colorado, Dianna Ferrari and Mollini. These big moves carved out Brandscope’s position in the fashion industry as the retailer database swelled to over 30,000 partners and 500 brands.

Multi-language options and a global payment gateway were added to the arsenal of features to create a global “end-user” solution and assist brands with account receivables and cash-flow.
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