Super73 is a cutting-edge electric bicycle brand that has gained popularity for its stylish and innovative approach to urban mobility. Known for their retro-inspired design, Super73 bikes blend the charm of vintage motorcycles with modern electric technology. These electric bikes offer riders an eco-friendly and effortless way to navigate urban landscapes, combining the joy of cycling with the convenience of electric propulsion. With a strong emphasis on quality, performance, and aesthetics, Super73 has quickly become a symbol of the e-bike revolution, appealing to riders seeking a unique and enjoyable alternative to traditional transportation options.

Shortstache E2 84 A2 Super73 Damweb 54 1400x

Super73 adopted Brandscope as their exclusive B2B wholesale E-commerce platform to support Sales teams and Retailer collaboration in launching, viewing and trading an array of products across a dynamic and sophisticated market throughout the UK and Europe. The platform was integrated into the Bright Pearl ERP to automate the flow of orders and inventory between the two systems ensuring that all parties could seamlessly trade 24/7 in any territory knowing that what they ordered would be delivered.

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