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Brandscope’s Marketing and Digital Asset Manager is an industry-leading solution that simplifies and optimises how brands and retailers manage and interact with digital assets. We do our best to think outside of the box, and our digital asset management platform is intuitive and game-changing.

Digital Asset
Manager Features

Load and Showcase Your Digital Assets

With Brandscope’s Marketing and Digital Asset Manager, Suppliers have the freedom to load and seamlessly showcase their digital marketing and educational assets directly on our platform. This gives brands the flexibility to display their products and accompanying marketing information quickly and in a way that compliments the sales flow.

Create Engaging Marketing Pages

Our dynamic platform is more than digital asset manager software; it’s an intuitive marketing, educational and sales tool. Brands can tap into an assortment of templates to construct engaging marketing pages. Whether it’s a retailer landing page or a customised showcase of your product range, we offer a myriad of design options to make your assets impactful!

Link Digital Assets Anywhere, Anytime

At Brandscope, we are all about intuitive, clever tech. Our Digital Asset Manager enables brands to link relevant assets to any location on the web or within Brandscope. This connectivity launches your digital assets onto a diverse array of platforms, enhancing visibility and reach.

Retailer Interaction Made Easy

We’ve created a space that encourages exploration and fosters connections between brands and retailers with a platform that’s user-friendly and interactive. Whether it’s a visit to your showroom or browsing through your customised landing page, retailers can easily access and engage with your digital assets and your sales team.

Digital Resources for Individual Products

Beyond creating dynamic marketing pages and asset linking, our digital asset manager platform also facilitates a deep dive into product-specific marketing and educational resources. 

From quick views of high-quality product images to easy access to resources such as videos and product-specific PDFs, we equip retailers with all the necessary digital assets to understand and sell your products effectively.

Quick and Easy
Ordering Process

We understand the nuances of wholesale e-commerce business. That’s why our Digital Asset Manager isn’t just a robust digital asset management platform—it also simplifies the ordering process.

Placing an order on Brandscope is as effortless as a few clicks. Once a retailer finds the right product, all it takes is choosing the quantity or order size and hitting ‘submit.’ The order is then sent directly to the supplier’s system for prompt delivery. 

With Added Post-Order Features

Once an order has been placed, Brandscope’s Digital Asset Manager truly comes into its own. Retailers and sales representatives can easily generate comprehensive digital media packs directly linked to the order. 

With just one click, the system initiates the media pack’s generation, which includes all the relevant digital assets associated with the ordered products in one file.

Not only does our system save time and reduce confusion by providing all the relevant assets in one place, but it also creates a streamlined process tailored to each order. Our commitment to you is to provide a more economical, collaborative, and sustainable way to conduct wholesale trade.

Media Packs

The Digital Asset Manager’s Media Packs feature automates the process of generating and organising digital assets related to specific orders – nifty, right?

With a single click, retailers and sales representatives can generate and use their media pack. Our system recognises the retailer, processes the order, and creates a digital pack tailored to the order’s specific products. And if the file is too big, a link is automatically generated to ensure smooth delivery.

What’s Inside a Brandscope Media Pack?

Take a look at the Brandscope Media Pack assets, customised to each order.

B2C Load Files: The pack includes a comprehensive B2C load file, complete with a Shopify-mapped file. This helps retailers quickly and effortlessly import supplier products directly into their Shopify system.

Brand Assets: Our media packs also provide brand-level assets. If a retailer purchases a product from a brand, the system automatically retrieves all relevant assets associated with that brand. Whether it’s digital banners for social media campaigns or high-quality images for marketing materials, you’re covered.

Images: The media pack includes images of products listed in the order, available in different resolutions based on the format uploaded by the supplier. This ensures retailers always have access to the most appropriate image quality for their needs.

Distributor Logos: For those dealing with multiple brands, the media pack also provides distributor-level assets such as company logos.

Videos: Brandscope understands the power of multimedia. That’s why any videos linked to the ordered products are also included in the media pack.

Product information: Barcodes, style codes, pricing, colours – all the goodies that your Retailers need to autonomously populate their Point of Sale systems and start selling your product without delay.

That means no more countless tabs navigating email threads, drives, and Dropbox folders. All of this is packed into one convenient, easy-to-access folder – automatically.

A Convenient Digital
Asset Manager

Our Digital Asset Manager doesn’t just make life easier for retailers – it’s also a powerful tool for sales and customer service representatives. They have the ability to view retailers’ orders and generate media packs too, offering a unique, hands-on approach to customer service.

By providing them with the same comprehensive set of digital assets, sales and customer service representatives can better understand the needs of the retailers they’re working with and offer more personalised, effective assistance. They’re no longer just salespeople but become integral to the retailer’s journey.

By empowering both retailers and sales and customer service representatives with access to essential digital assets and streamlined processes, we’re paving the way for a more sustainable and collaborative future in wholesale trade. 

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Our Digital Asset Manager

Brandscope is not just about business – it’s about taking your business to the next level. Try Brandscope’s Digital Asset Manager today and experience the difference.

Our Digital Asset Manager is part of a complete end-to-end B2B e-commerce solution for the wholesale industry, helping brands reach the next level of growth and profitability.

Our platform helps brands sell more when pre-booking and refilling, reduce costs associated with traditional sales and marketing strategies such as catalogues and sampling, better manage and distribute digital marketing and educational assets, and expand distribution locally and globally.

The first step in our process of taking your business to the next level is booking a Brandscope demonstration. Learn more about how it works and book a demo with one of our team.

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Brandscope is used in over 90 countries globally. The system currently offers English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese though new languages are being added continuously. The platform’s unique intuitive flow mimics the traditional wholesale process ensuring that it’s easy to use regardless of the language and location.

Brandscope is used in over 90 countries globally and offers a variety of currencies, including USD, AUD, NZD, GBP, EUR, DKK and SEK though additional currencies can be catered for on request. All currencies are supported by a sophisticated pricing engine which caters for an array of discounts and incentives, ensuring that Users are able to view and purchase products at their individual rates.

Brands was designed around the traditional wholesale principals of pre-book/indent, inseason refill and specials/clearance. All functionality is focussed on empowering the relationship between Sales and Retail users to collaborate online in real-time and maximise the result. For pre-book, Brandscope offers a powerful visual assortment tool which enables Users to work simultaneously on constructing future buys by category, month, colour and price while featuring all relevant brand and product marketing to support decisions. The system also offers the fastest and easiest refill method on the B2B market called Quickfill which is literally four clicks to order. It also supports unique pricing and campaign mechanisms to promote and incentivise clearance releases.

Brandscope is a sales, marketing and educational tool designed for the wholesale industry where a Supplier (and associated Sales teams) is selling and marketing hardgood and softgood products to a Retail or Dealer entity. It also caters for vertical retail operations chracterised by a licensee or franchisee retail Supplier/Retailer model The system supports pre-book, refill and clearance selling methods across any wholesale industry (e.g. Action Sport, Outdoor, Homewares, Fashion, Sport etc.).

Brandscope was designed around the principle of Salespeople (e.g Independent Agents, Customer Service, inhouse sales teams etc.) collaborating intimately with Retail dealers. The system’s functionality facilitates timely engagement between these entities in the formulation of pre-book, refill and clearance product orders, while promoting the relevant marketing and education information to ensure informative purchases. Alternatively, the platform can be used specifically for either Salesteams or Retailers to drive greater efficiencies and sales opportunities resulting in improved customer satisfaction and profitability.

Brandscope integrates directly into Supplier ERP platforms ensuring that all Orders, Inventory and Order status’ flow freely and timely between the two systems resulting in considerable time savings and efficiencies. Products and associated images can be populated directly into Brandscope via a CSV download and mapping process or pushed directly to the platform via a product API though it’s important to note that all automated integrations are dependent on the Supplier ERP’s capacity.

As with any “tool” getting the most out of it begins with engagement. Brandscope offers unlimited support to your salesteam and Retailers to learn about and feel confident in using Brandscope and capitalising from the platform’s many sales boosting features. Salesteams are able to build and distribute constructive suggested orders (e.g. pre-books, best sellers, back in stocks, new injection products) to their Retail dealer customers quickly and efficiently ensuring that every opportunity is maximised. Retailers can access Brandscope 24/7 from any global location to view and purchase your products instantly. Brandscope also offers a unique marketplace function which introduces your brand to relevant Retail dealers anywhere in the world. At its very core, Brandscope empowers people to do more, faster and achieve a better result.

Absolutely. The Brandscope platform helps you to take the first step towards reducing and eventually eliminating expensive catalogues. It provides a path towards reducing your product sampling commitments and presenting your brand in an exciting digital environment using high definition 360 degree photography and video. It empowers your internal and external sales teams to be more efficient, effective and productive with less. It delivers greater independence to your retail dealers to access and engage with administrative and marketing information to take the pressure off internal Supplier resources. As an analogy, Brandscope is to a Supplier what a nail gun is to a builder… a tool that allows you to do more, faster with less.

Brandscope is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed globally 24/7 using any web browser. The system supports laptops, desktops, tablets and is being refined for mobile devices. If you’ve a computer that can access the internet then you’re good to go.

Brandscope is designed to increase your sales with Retail dealers and reduce costs associated with wholesale pre-book, refill and clearance trade. In the first year as the system embeds into Supplier workflows, greater efficiencies will be realised as Sales teams and Retailers adopt new, exciting methods of working together. It’s in the second year that the momentum really builds and Brandscope entrenches, resulting in fewer catalogues and samples, lower sales team costs, less pressure on internal administration resources, greater inventory efficiency and general improved employee capacity to do more with less. Compounding this will be more sales driven by improved customer interaction and collaboration and market expansion. Brandscope captures the estimated return on investment using a Supplier Value Analysis model which inputs Supplier variables to illustrate the first two years of return. If you’d like to know more, book a time with our sales team who will take you through the process.

Brandscope is a leading edge sales, marketing and educational tool to ensure that the entire digital wholesale sales process is catered for. The system stores an array of digital marketing brand, release and product level assets which can be quickly accessed by users for use in B2C, POS and social media platforms. Retail floor staff can also access videos and other relevant technical information to ensure they’re well informed to deal with consumer queries.

Brandscope is a cloud based SaaS product which can be globally accessed using any hardware medium (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile etc.) with internet access.

Brandscope is a cloud based Saas product which can be accessed 24/7 via the internet. The system does not require a server and is upgraded continually with new features that can be accessed by users.

Brandscope integrates via API, CSV or hybrid with an array of Enterprise and SME ERP platforms for the automated data flow of orders, inventory (current and future) and product. Our technical engineers have a wealth of experience in connecting to both off the shelf and bespoke systems and are well adept at doing the “heavy lifting” to ensure a seamless integration. Click here to speak to our technical team to learn more.

Information is power and Brandscope was designed to work on very low connectivity (e.g. 2mbps) to ensure that you’re connected 24/7 when working, be it in an geographically isolated area or in a trade show “bunker”. Where there is no connectivity, Brandscope offers high quality exportable digital PDF catalogues and exportable/importable .xlsx and .csv order files.

Brandscope takes data security seriously and invests in data protection. We implement security measures and maintain policies and procedures to meet required data security standards, and we will continue to take all necessary steps to improve our information security level. Brandscope runs on AWS servers that have rigorous security certification, which is documented here. We will never sell, share, or disclose Personally Identifiable Information in any way.

Brandscope provides unlimited support to all Brand, Agent and Retailer users as part of the contract at no extra cost. During the initial integration and Territory/User/Product set-up process you will be allocated an Onboarding Specialist who will guide you and your team through each project milestone, engaging with the relevant Brandscope professional (e.g. integration specialists, sales specialists etc.) as required. On GO LIVE you will be allocated an Account Manager who specialises in your particular distribution channel (e.g. Action Sport, Fashion, Outdoor etc.) to ensure that “they speak your language” and guide you through the system functionality with your specific needs in mind. There is also ample online support in the form of “how to” videos, FAQ questions, articles, BLOGS and general help files. You can also contact the Southern or Northern Brandscope offices to speak to your Account Manager or Customer Service personnel. Unlike many wholesale SaaS providers, Brandscope also reaches out to specific Retailer users under your instruction to teach them how to use the Brandscope tool. Your success is our success so the higher the engagement at every level, the better the result.

The Brandscope platform was designed with the competitive wholesale landscape very much in mind to ensure that Brands have complete control over what information all Users have access to. The system features sophisticated segmentation, territory and release set-up functionality which facilitates viewer permissions at brand, catalogue and product level. In essence, every User on Brandscope will only see exactly what they’re supposed to see meaning that you have complete control over your distribution.

Brandscope features a catalogue function that allows you to export a high resolution digital or printable .pdf catalogue, split pages by numerous filters (e.g. Division, Collection, Category, Gender etc.) and control the number of product specifications below each item. Keep in mind though that Brandscope itself is a catalogue, lookbook and order form amalgamated into a digital format which can be updated and engaged 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Certainly makes us question printing catalogues!

Brandscope is designed by people of the industry, for the industry who are dedicated to creating a tool that is both intuitive and effective. The platform’s “flow” mimics the traditional wholesales process for pre-book, inseason refill and end of season clearance which makes it super easy to understand and use. Users often comment that it “just makes sense” which is the ultimate accolade for any SaaS product. Keep in mind that many Retailers are also using Brandscope for multiple brands meaning that they’re relatively using a system that’s easy to use which results in high engagement and activity on the website.

Brandscope is commercial software, ready-made for the wholesale marketplace in which Brands, Agents and Retailers interact to sell and buy products, disseminate marketing information and support brand and product education. The system offers an array of powerful functions to support this focus and is continuously launching new features based on evolving market requirements. The people at Brandscope are constantly engaged with the grassroots of wholesale trade and go to great lengths to communicate with brands, agents and retailers on their needs to refine feature development. As such, there is limited need to bespoke the software package though there are times where a suggested feature will be prioritised to cater for individual requirements. This is very separate to integrations where the majority of work is bespoke to ensure a seamless transfer of order, inventory and product information via CSV or API.

Brandscope offers an array of functionality to help Brands, Agents and Retailers to interact with greater efficiency and profitability in wholesale trade. But what makes us truly different can be categorised into three things – authentic, innovative and intuitive.

Authentic because we are real people with real industry experience providing real solutions. Our team lives wholesale and we speak your language. Innovative because we find, research and implement leading technology to fix industry inefficiencies and an effort to improve profitability and also sustainability. Intuitive because the platform is easy to use and modeled on traditional sales methods that we’ve all been using for many years. If it’s easy then people use it and this is where to get the value and return on investment.

Brandscope supports a Stripe powered payment gateway that facilitates the payment of Retailer at-once refill product orders via credit card, debit card, direct bank debit and PayPal.

Brandscope works closely with global imagery specialist ORDRE, who have developed a patented onsite imagery capture and streaming system called ORB360 which API’s directly into Brandscope for super high quality 360° product viewing.

Brandscope works with over 30,000 Retailers globally who are looking for quality brands that develop and market quality products. Using powerful analytics, your Account Manager is able to work with you to initiate introductions to suitable Retailers who consistently engage with Brandscope and are actively seeking new opportunities.

The driving force behind Brandscope is to assist global Brands, Agents and Retail dealers to adopt a more efficient, sustainable and profitable business model and gradually move away from printed catalogues, excessive sampling and time inefficiencies. As avid outdoor enthusiasts we all adore engaging in the sports that we love and spending quality time with our families. Our goal is your goal and collaboration is the fast track to success.

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