It always nice to welcome a new brand partner, and we are pleased to introducing NNormal!

Emerging as a captivating outdoor sports brand, its genesis taking root between the sunlit shores of Mallorca and the majestic fjords of Norway. A visionary collaboration between the celebrated mountaineer and trailblazer Kilian Jornet and the esteemed family-owned footwear company Camper has given life to NNormal.

Unifying under a common ethos, the catalyst for NNormal’s inception was the confluence of shared values. This union of minds ignited a fervent impetus to embark on the NNormal project—a journey that reimagines the relationship between humanity, its environment, and the realm of outdoor activities. With an unwavering commitment to transparency, NNormal strives to revolutionize the production of outdoor equipment, assuming a role of profound significance within society and for the environment.

The crux of this endeavor lies in avoiding overconsumption by crafting products of enduring value, a tangible expression of their dedication to minimizing ecological impact. To chart a course with minimal environmental footprint, NNormal embraces diverse materials and daring designs. The path is arduous, but this very challenge fuels the indomitable spirit of Kilian Jornet and the entire team behind the project.

NNormal stands as more than a mere brand; it’s a transformative journey—a pathway that treads lightly, leaving no trace.