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Frank Green is an Australian based manufacturer and wholesaler of award winning reusable drink-wear products with a simple and honest approach to sustainability – build beautifully designed and innovative products that people love and use over and over again! 

In the succinct words of Asian Sales Director, Hus Korucan, “As a purpose led company at Frank Green, we’re not just selling products; we’re spearheading the charge against single-use plastics.”

Frank Green distributes to thousands of wholesalers globally across a myriad of channels including lifestyle fashion, action sport, outdoor leisure, pharmacy and cafe outlets.

The diverse Retail footprint, coupled with a high volume of smaller, independent orders, resulted in a logistical challenge to capture an ever increasing high volume of orders and payments quickly and efficiently as the business expanded.

According to Hus, “Time is not our friend and we’re on a mission to scale aggressively and get our product in front of Retailers and into the hands of consumers as quickly as possible to make a positive sustainable impact.”

“Though we adopt traditional wholesale strategies such as Agent networks to liaise with prospective retailer partners, we needed a sales and marketing tool to empower the networks capacity to expedite the sales process and fuel our distribution plans.”

With any growing business, the importance of strong cash flow management was also a priority.


Frank Green completed an exhaustive global due diligence process to source a wholesale B2B ordering platform that supported sales, marketing, product education and payment processing while integrating seamlessly with their Netsuite ERP system.

“Brandscope ticked all the right boxes with respect to functionality and an intuitive user interface,” confirmed Hus. “We work with an incredibly diverse customer base with an extraordinary variance in technical capacity so the system needed to be super easy to use for our retail partners and sales teams, but also feature powerful functionality to deliver on our demanding business requirements.”

Brandscope was integrated into the Netsuite ERP to support the automated flow of orders, inventory and product status. A core product and point-of-sale collection was then loaded onto the platform and immediately exposed to thousands of Retail buyers across a diverse assortment of wholesale channels.

The Stripe supported e-commerce payment gateway was then installed to support both bank card and direct debit transactions for settlement of at-once orders.

“Brandscope had been working with Netsuite for many years and had a sophisticated order and inventory module that could be loaded directly into the ERP. We had to make some bespoke adjustments to cope with our own internal payment processing customisations and multi-level pricing structures, all of which the Brandscope IT onboarding specialists managed expertly.”


“Before integrating with Brandscope’s wholesale payment gateway,” recalled Hus, “our manual invoicing process was consuming precious hours that we knew could be better spent on customer service and environmental impact. 

“Since transitioning to Brandscope’s Stripe powered payment gateway, the change has been truly transformative with over 95% of our customers engaging with the ordering tool and paying online at checkout! It was a result well beyond our expectations and has allowed us to grow quickly and efficiently with financial stability.”

“The refined ordering and payment process has significantly reduced the chances of stock outs and improved the Order-To-Cash cycle by about two weeks which has been an extraordinary result for the business.”

Frank Green’s Retail partners now receive immediate confirmation of their orders, providing them with the assurance they need to trust in the business order processing and shipping efficiency. The dual support for credit card and bank transfer payments caters seamlessly to Retailers’ payment preferences resulting in management’s desire to extend the payment option to all New Zealand customers also.

“Perhaps most importantly,” claims Hus, “our warehouse team now has instant visibility of confirmed orders. This has not only sharpened our dispatch times but has also ensured that our sustainable products are reaching the right places at the right time—maximising our impact on the planet.”

Frank Green’s Retailer partners are also enthusiastic about the Brandscope platform from an ordering and payment standpoint.

“Frank Green is a fabulous product and we genuinely want to support the program,” states Greg Rummans, owner of Urban Beach in Australia. “Brandscope just makes it super easy to view, order and pay for the product resulting in consistent re-orders from our end. We’re also able to act quickly on any new products they post online meaning that we’re always keeping the brand fresh instore. It’s a big commercial and sustainable win for everyone.”


Hus Korucan

Asian Sales Director (Frank Green)


Thanks to Brandscope, we’ve seen a tangible acceleration in our operations which is a key piece in our mission to make sustainable living irresistible.

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