Hold onto your hats! Brandscope is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Greenwich Hat Company, marking a compelling union between two industry leaders. This collaboration merges Brandscope’s expertise in cost reduction, stock control and digital catalog software with Greenwich’s commitment to pioneering hat designs that enhance everyday living. Together, we’re embarking on a transformative journey in B2B wholesale e-commerce, promising innovative solutions and unparalleled service to our customers. 

Greenwich Headwear Company encompasses three successful hat brands: MARLU, proudly designed in Australia, offering a versatile range from classic wool fedoras to quality straw hats and everyday caps; SCALA, drawing inspiration from an era when hats were a fashion staple, delivers a vintage vibe with a contemporary twist; and INDIANA JONES with its official licensing, keeps the spirit of adventure alive through its range of wool felt hats, ProvatKint options, and stylish caps. Committed to delivering top-quality products, Greenwich prioritises being a leader in the digital landscape. They understand that selecting an effective B2B ecommerce solution is more than just a business decision, that it’s an opportunity to explore new avenues for efficiency and sales growth.

Greenwich Scala
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Why Choose Brandscope?

Brandscope stands out as the top choice in the realm of B2B wholesale e-commerce platforms, renowned globally for its ability to revolutionise the trade landscape. Offering brands a streamlined, cost-effective, and sustainable approach to B2B integration solutions.

We recognise the challenges posed by traditional methods, from catalogues to samples and traditional operating sales teams. In response, we’ve engineered sophisticated software solutions that foster sales collaboration among suppliers, agents, and retailers. By leveraging our tools, businesses can sell smart, sell easy, sell more and reduce costs.

With Brandscope, the mission continues, seamlessly enhancing brand marketing, sales preformance analysis to drive revenue, and educating customers with ease all while increasing the sustainability and responsibility of your business and industry as a whole.

As Brandscope and Greenwich Hat Company engage and embark on a journey toward a brighter future… one characterised by efficiency, sustainability, and unity. From coast to country, beach to bush, everyone deserves to look good while prioritising sun safety. Hats off to Greenwich for placing their trust in us. We eagerly anticipate the journey ahead and extend a warm welcome aboard.