We’re pleased to announce the latest partnership between Brandscope, a leading B2B sales platform, and the legendary headwear brand, Stetson, by Greenwich Hat Company. This collaboration seamlessly integrates Brandscope’s expertise in content management solutions with Stetson’s commitment to operational excellence. By uniting sales teams and retailers highlights the importance of educating customers about products and services, inventory control, brand marketing, all of which will ultimately increase your e-commerce sales.

Stetson embodies the authentic American spirit, rich in history and continuously evolving. With a keen eye on future adventurers and legends in the making, Stetson crafts products that stand the test of time. From its humble beginnings in the Wild West, where John B. Stetson passed on his hat to a traveler, to its establishment in 1865 and its enduring global leadership in headwear, Stetson remains true to its American roots.

Stetson proudly brings the legend of the Wild West to the Australian market, offering functional hats with timeless style suited for everyday Australian life. To uphold the Stetson brand’s reputation and rich history, Brandscope ensures that all content aligns with brand guidelines and is released promptly to meet marketing schedules, reinforcing brand identity across expanding distribution channels.

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Brandscope transcends being merely a wholesale ordering platform; it’s a transformative tool that empowers businesses to enhance their overall operations and drive collaboration between suppliers, salespeople and retailers. Offering a unique approach to B2B ecommerce systems, Brandscope facilitates digital marketing campaigns, cost reduction initiatives, and real-time collaboration, driving businesses toward greater success.

As Stetson’s legendary legacy continues for over 150 years, alongside Brandscope, we embark on a journey where timeless design meets cutting-edge technology. Welcome to a new era of B2B E-commerce excellence. Welcome aboard, Stetson. We look forward to assisting you in making your mark in the rugged and reliable Australian market.